wife of SMS Field Representative, Dr. George Boltniew

May 18, 1941 – May 27, 2008

helen boltniewHelen recorded beautiful music in the Russian language which has been used over and over again on our SMS radio broadcasts.

Helen Boltniew, beloved wife of Dr. George Boltniew, died on May 27, 2008 in her home in Union after battling non-Hodgkins lymphoma for 10 months. Born into a Russian family in Teraspol, Ukraine on May 18, 1941, Helen came to the U.S. in her youth during WW II and landed with her parents, George and Olga Saratovsky, on the west side of NYC. She is survived by her husband and three children - Eugene, Lora, and Gabriel, and her grandson, Evan. She was a lifelong member, music teacher, soloist, organist, and pianist in the Evangelical Baptist Church (Union). She leaves a legacy of music education in 4 different parochial schools (Christ the King School in Hillside, St. Catherine's School in Elizabeth, St. Michael's School in Union, St. Rose of Lima School in Short Hills) and at the Evangelical Christian Center in CT, as well as with many piano students that she taught from her home.

Beautifully put by Dr. Boltniew regarding his wife’s home-going:

Dear praying friends,

On Tuesday, at 10:30 p.m. our time, the angels came and carried the soul of my beloved Helen to her eternal home in the heavens.  She died peacefully having accepted her passing into eternity as God's will for her life.  She finished her assignment on earth and has entered her eternal joy and rest. Gabriel, my youngest son, and I were at her side when she took her last breath.  Our eyes were filled with tears but there was peace in our hearts because we know that my wife is now in the presence of God and will never again have to experience the kind of pain that had plagued her for the last ten months.  She patiently accepted her lot and passed the fiery trials with flying colors.

We want to thank you for your love, concern and prayerful support during this most difficult period in the life of our family.  Helen's suffering and endurance helped mature our entire family and drew us closer to the Lord and to each other. How wonderful to know that Jesus triumphed over death and by trusting Him we join Him in His triumph.

Again, heartfelt thanks for your love and prayers.

Gratefully yours,
George Boltniew and family