Report of SMS Missionary Peter Korotash
Benderi, Moldova - December, 2008

Greetings brothers and sisters and all co-laborers in SMS, By God’s grace we are permitted to carry on God’s work here in our country and we have great desire to exploit every opportunity possible to further the preaching of the Word of God.

In our republic there is a great shortage of workers. There are many villages in outlying areas around our city where there are no believers and no churches, and we endeavor to go out to preach the gospel in these places. Pray for us as we plan to go into schools and orphanages during the Christmas season. Usually we are not permitted to go into these places, but because it is Christmas many doors of opportunity are open.

The economic situation makes it difficult for the government to carry out a program of assistance for children and that gives us an opportunity bring gifts to the children and to tell the true meaning of Christ’s coming earth. The young people of the church organized the showing of the “Jesus” film for children. They distributed over 200 flyers in the community.

Not only children showed up, but parents also. Ludmila attends church and loves the Lord. Alexander, her father, after viewing the film said that he has been giving serious thought about God, but that he did not openly acknowledge it because he feared what his friends would say. He stated that he heard his daughter pray, but he does not have the kind of faith she has. Another mother, Galina, whose children attend Sunday school says she sees how her children have changed. She is glad they are learning Bible verses, they are praying and she is learning a lot from her children’s example. She visits church on occasion and asks for prayer for health problems. After talking with her she recognized her need of the Lord and that comfort can only be found in Him.

We recently visited a children’s home where neglected children are placed. Some are invalids who are in desperate need of love and attention. The director stated that parents in various difficult circumstances bring their children supposedly for short term stays; but then they never come back for them. Recently a parent left two children at a clinic. As we walked through the home the children joyfully greeted us and did not want us to leave. We took clothing and gifts for the children.

God bless you in the new year! We thank you for your prayers and your generous support of the Lord’s work here in our country. Grace Church, from the sincerity of our hearts, wishes you blessings of the holiday season.

Peter Korotash