The Testimony of God’s Mercy

The Story of Alexander and Lena Demidovy

This is the testimony of God’s mercy to unusual couple: a former criminal and paralyzed woman. Here’s the story — in Alexander’s words — of how God turned he and his wife Lena’s tragedy into a great blessing:

“In the early nineteen nineties, when the communistic empire was broken, our country was very poor, unsafe, and lawless. I chose to go the easy way, the criminal way. For the next few years, I ran after many things that would make me easy, big money so my life would be comfortable. I robbed people and finally the police caught me and put me in prison. It was 1996 when I was arrested for armed robbery.

I was very sad. Finally I understood that I had destroyed my life. My future was nothing but a prison sentence. I was alone. I lost my health because the circumstances in prison were terrible.

That was when I first started to think about God. I said in my heart: “God, if you’re real, do something!” At that time, I wanted only one thing from God: less time in prison. But God gave me much more. He gave me His Self.

I remember how I repented right in prison as I read the New Testament. I saw myself through God’s eyes. I was dirty and full of selfish thoughts. I understood that I deserved to be here in prison because of all that I did. I even thought that I shouldn’t be alive anymore. I stopped asking God to take me away from prison, and I started to pray that God would save me and cleanse me from my sin.

After this moment, reading the Bible and praying were my favorite things in prison. I spent most of my time with a Bible in my hands. God gave me a new life and I felt joy, happiness and peace in my heart. I trusted God. I understood that my life without God was just rush to something that looks pretty but it’s not really so. My real life had just begun.